Young Woman Launches Sugar-Free Sports Drink

SWEY to play sugar free sports drink

Nothing is better than hearing a story of a young entrepreneur who pushes a business. Alana Andrews is a young woman who launched a sugar free sports drink. But this sports drink did not start easily, Alana was diagnosed as pre-diabetic when she was only 8 years old.

Living with diabetes is even harder for young people but Alana was encouraged to continue on with her energy and she even changed her diet and started exercising. The teen got into tennis and decided that she would like her own sports drink because she hated the sugar content in most beverages. This sparked her idea on making a sugar free sports drink!

Alana Andrews said, “I started to build a healthier lifestyle, which circled around tennis and track and also eating healthy as well,” and “I would Google the vitamins that teens need pre- and post-workout, identify ingredients that had those vitamins and then turn those into powder, make it in my blender and have taste tests. After we identified what needs to be in the drink, we took it to a lab. Then we put it all together and came up with the formulation.”

SWEY | A Natural Sports Drink for Gen Z

Andrews new sugar-free sports drink is called SWEY. Plenty of athletes have already tried her products and gave her positive feedback. While her tennis gameplay will take a pause for the time being, she is committed to growing her own business. Young women entrepreneurs are encouraged by many members of the community. Alana Andrews is now planning on attending the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

She is also not camera shy as she states, “I do public speaking, so I speak to other young women about identifying who they are at the core, what is their overall vision and what do they want to achieve and then work towards becoming the best version of yourself.”

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