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BLK + GRN is a New York online marketplace that is all natural. All of BLK + GRN’s products are made by black artisans. The brand has achieved major success and gained exposure from Forbes, The New York Times, media outlets and more. BLK + GRN features a variety of products including Bath & Body, Skincare, Tea, Hair Cream, and lots more.

Who Is The Founder Of BLK + GRN Marketplace?

Kristian Henderson is the founder of BLK + GRN online marketplace. Beauty products was not the only expertise Kristian had, she is also a public health professor. When asked about her BLK + GRN marketplace, she says “BLK + GRN is a way to create change, make people healthier and get them more attuned to their bodies through supporting small businesses.”

BLK GRN Black Owned Beauty Products

BLK GRN is proud to be a marketplace that supports black-owned brands. Most of BLK GRN creators are in fact women and that is why LedByWoman is shining light to BLK GRN! You can purchase almost anything at their website. Some of BLK GRN beauty products include nails, make up, and items such as mascara.

The BLK GRN beauty products are from brands such as GRN and LUV + CO. The MISCHO BEAUTY Nail Lacquer is a great choice for young women. The HUNNYBUNNY Cuticle Cream also has great reviews on Amazon. LUV your LASHES Mascara proves to be a fan favorite and LUV + CO organic lipgloss continues to be a popular choice.

BLK GRN Skincare Products

BLK GRN skincare products are bestsellers in the marketplace. Many women love BLK GRN face serum and moisturizers and share it on social media. BLK GRN skincare products also include a variety of cleansers, face masks, toners, and systems.

One of the most popular skincare products is JACQ’S ORGANICS Nourishing Face Moisturizer. Feeling a face mask instead? Check out BLK GRN’s face mask selection featuring brands like HUNNYBUNNY, GOLDE, KAIKE, and NATURAL MIXOLOGIST. Take another soothe with ZANDRA Lavender Vanilla Chai Hand & Body Lotion.

BLK GRN Hair Products

BLK GRN hair care products are great for all hair types. Though the marketplace is geared towards people of ethic background, there are still many products that can be utilized by everyone. BLK GRN hair products include hair butter, hair cream, hair gel and more.

Out of this BLK GRN category, KREYOL ESSENSE delivers a great Haitian Black Castor Oil that is used by many. You may also get rid of chemically made scents with BLK GRN CURL MIX Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo, which is fragrance-free. Some of the best reviews left on their website are about their Nourish and Moisturize Hair Cream by ALODIA HAIR CARE.

View more hair products like GREEN GOLD Botanical Tonic Hair Growth Oil by visiting their page.

BLK GRN Menstrual Care

Every girl knows the difficulty in finding the right feminine products. It is great to see BLK GRN features a selection of women owned feminine care products. Try out THE HONEYPOT Organic Super Tampons for a better experience with your menstrual needs. You may also enjoy the plant-based purification blend by The Organic Yoni Stream Blend.

Visit their website for more menstrual care products like wipes, pads, etc.

BLK GRN Bath & Body Products

BLK GRN sells out of handmade all-natural soaps frequently due to high demand. Many BLK GRN fans are actively purchasing items like Liquid Black Soap, Bath Bombs, Body Oil & more. Brands that are featured on BLK GRN bath product list are HUNNYBUNNY, CHLOE & CHAD, SEA RADIANCE.

Visit their Bath + Body selection below.

BLK GRN Skincare Concern

BLK GRN is a marketplace that cares about its visitors with skincare concerns. Women and men of ethic backgrounds would benefit from the products available. If you have eczema, anti-aging, dark spots, brightening, dry skin, or sensitive skin, BLK GRN has something catered for you. Visit their skincare section on their website here.

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