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Experience the joy of creating your stuffed animal at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. This kids’ toy shop is a family favorite and is available across all the states in the U.S. Build-A-Bear features over 300 cute stuffed characters: Pokemon, animals, axolotls, and more. 

You may even style your stuffed character with clothes available at each workshop. Find a Build-A-Bear near you by visiting their website’s store locator. President and CEO Sharon John takes her team and performs charitable services for children in need. With over 500 locations, it’s no wonder why Build-A-Bear has become one of the most successful toy brands. It goes to show how women-owned businesses can create a significant impact. 

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Build A Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear Workshop is most prevalent in Utah, Ohio, and Texas. It’s not hard to find a workshop near you, and your local mall likely has a Build-A-Bear. Nowadays, many parents bring in their kids for a Build-A-Bear experience for their birthdays! Whether you’re into animals or unique characters from T.V. or movies, Build-A-Bear has something for you. Visit your local workshop today for a great experience. 

Build A Bear Stuffed Animals

Build-A-Bear features a lot of stuffed animals in their catalog. This women-owned business started flourishing with its classic teddy bear. After some time, Build-A-Bear began expanding into other animals like bunnies and cats. Another popular category of stuffed toys is Build-A-Bear’s Woodland Animals, including Opossum, Hedgehogs, and more. Are you into aquatic animals? The workshop also carries aquatic stuffed animals like the axolotl and frogs. 

Build A Bear Animal Crossing

Build-A-Bear’s Animal Crossing collection is one of the brand’s most famous characters. Many families purchase stuffed Animal Crossing characters like K.K. and Tom Nook. Another cool feature is their music which pairs well with their cute appearance. You may dress Animal Crossing Isabelle in various clothing by Build-A-Bear. Animal Crossing is a unique video game series by Nintendo that has been popularized. 

build a bear animal crossing stuffed animals

Build A Bear Axolotl

Build-A-Bear had an online exclusive colored Axolotl for sale. This aquatic stuffed animal is one of the most popular in the collection, and the axolotl is available in two colors; mint forest green and pink. The Build-A-Bear mint axolotl is now sold out and was only $24. Nicknamed the “walking fish,” the axolotl is known to have a smiling face. 

build a bear axolotl in pink

Build A Bear Frog

If you’re a fan of frog creatures, this Build-A-Bear character is perfect. The online exclusive Happy Swirls Frog stuffed animal goes for $24, while the Spring Green Frog sells for $22. These two cute characters are popular among children who love to go fishing! The Build-A-Bear Frog also features sounds and event scents. 

build a bear frog in green color

Build A Bear Clothes

The amount of clothing available for Build-A-Bear stuffed toys would surprise anyone. Whether you’re looking for dresses, shoes, or even jerseys, you can find anything on their website. You may even shop Build-A-Bear clothing by characters like Alice In Wonderland, DC Comics, Frozen, and more! 

Build A Bear Pokemon

One of Build-A-Bear’s most extensive collaborations is with Pokemon. These stuffed animals are quickly sold out, and many fans order more than one. Containing popular Pokemon characters like Pikachu and Charmander, you may pick your favorite out of the 11 available! Build-A-Bear Pokemon starts at $56 and goes up to $67. My favorite Build-A-Bear pokemon is the Online Exclusive Mew Bundle. 

build a bear pokemon eve in blue and purple

Build A Bear Workshop Near Me

To find a Build-A-Bear Workshop, visit their store locator¬†website page. Whether in Schaumburg, IL, or Washington, UT, Build-A-Bear is located near you. Call the store to ensure the stuffed animal you want is in stock. It’s recommended to go on less busy days for the best experience. Share your Build-A-Bear experience with us on social media!¬†

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