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The BET network has become a staple in television history. Started in 1979 by Sheila Johnson, Black Entertainment Television was the first cable TV franchise that targeted African Americans. With over 35 million African-American consumers, BET sold for 2.9 billion dollars. Viacom purchased the company from Sheila and her husband Robert Johnson in stock. 

BET has expanded across the nation, making it the leading provider of quality content from Black creators. Now, BET has reached over 125 million households. This women-owned company showed what a community could do to provide excellent content. One of the primary missions for Black Entertainment Television is to unite the community and culture. They do this by hiring a diverse production team and inspiring underrepresented communities. 

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Learn more about BET and its contributions to the community below. 

BET Platforms

BET has grown to the multimedia giant they are today by providing fantastic content. This women-owned business has extensions, including BET Studio, which offers equity ownership for Black content creators. BET+ is another segment that serves as a superior streaming service. BET Digital does a great job engaging with the community in social media. You may visit BET’s website to find more information on entertainment, news, music, and more. 

BET Awards

The BET Awards is an American event that was established in 2001. This iconic network celebrates African Americans in music, sports, acting, and more. The latest 2021 BET Award ceremony took place on June 27, 2021. Some performers in the 2021 Awards were DJ Khaled, City Girls, Lil Durk, and others. Lebron James also appeared in the ceremony and won an award.

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BET Shows

BET is known for having funny, loveable shows available on its platforms. From sitcoms to drama-infused episodes, you are sure to find something you like. Right now, you can check out American Soul, which follows the lives of the Soul Train dancers. Or you can watch season 5 of Being Mary Jane, who struggles as a news anchor from Atlanta. Take a deeper dive into the lives of celebrities with BET’s Mancave. Discuss the current events, relationships, and pop culture. 

Another exciting show that’s become one of my favorites is The BreakDown. Klarity hosts this show, and it explores lots of topics. Understand Greek astrology, psychology, and much more by tuning in BET. As you can see, there are plenty of shows to look at, and you’re guaranteed to find something you like! 

BET Lifestyle

If you’re into news, fashion tips, and beauty trends, take a look at the BET Lifestyle. BET releases multiple articles a day on their website, ranging from various topics like Bow Wow’s hair products to Health tips for 2022. You may also subscribe to BET news by visiting the bottom of their page. If you’re like me, I would rather follow BET on social media to view their upcoming content on Twitter, Facebook, & YouTube. 

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