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Zia Pia is a store shipper representing considerable authority in fine, real territorial Italian Foods. Zia Pia providers are non-modern, family-claimed makers who consolidate traditional standards of realness and flavor with Italian plan and style to make unrivaled items wonderful.

These are the best Italian Foods from outstanding, grant-winning providers. Think high-quality durum wheat semolina Pasta from Italy’s most renowned makers. Authentic egg Pasta from Campofilone, natural tomatoes become under the Apulian sun, and incredible San Marzano tomatoes and sauces. Zie Pia also features natural Modica chocolate, refined extra-virgin olive oils from Umbria and Puglia. That’s just the beginning of what Zia Pia contains.

Zia Pia serves fine claim to fame Food, gift and home stores. Eateries and home cooks anticipate sharing Zia Pia Foods with their friends and family.

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Italian Kitchen in Charlotte, North Carolina

This Italian Kitchen in Charlotte was astonishing! Zia Pia has a wide variety of Italian staples and treats. The kitchen side serves excellent food while emphasizing taste.

Zia Pia Food From Italy

Zia Pia Italian Food providers are non-modern, family-claimed makers who have been regarding similar customary creation strategies for a long time. They combine those qualities with present-day resourcefulness to make unrivaled quality items delightful.

zia pia extra virgin olive oil

Zia Pia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Medium Fruity mix of Coratina, Ogliarola and Peranzana by Frantoio Galantino in Puglia! 100% additional virgin oil adds so much flavor to each dish and is what we use in our Kitchen consistently.

Find the Passion of the Galantino Family, a family that has been bosses of olive oil beginning around 1926. The planet. Indeed, even today, in this time of mechanization, all Galantino’s Ogliarola and Coratina olives are hand-gathered by shaking the parts of the olive trees. Hence, the olives fall tenderly onto material snares. Galantino factories their olives with custom stone grindstones. Galantino guarantees that their additional virgin olive oil is reliably excellent through cold extraction and severe quality testing. With innovative bundling and new and smooth characteristics, Galantino oils have won the top worldwide honors and acColades.

Zia Pia Pasta

  • Pasta from Gragnano
  • Gluten Free Pasta
  • Organic Pasta
  • Egg Pasta
  • Farro + Whole Grains

Egg Pasta Recipe

Straightforwardness is one of the focal precepts of authentic Italian cooking, allowing the fixings to sparkle. This month we give you fixings to make two savory suppers in around 10 minutes:

Pontevecchio Saba Ingredients

1. Marcozzi Egg Fettuccine

2.Pasta Mancini Tuffoli

3.Terre di Grifonetto Garlic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

4.Trimarchi di Villa Marchese Pesto of Pistachios

5. AgriCola Paglione Spaccatelle Fileted Tomatoes

Pontevecchio Saba Instructions

  1. In an large pot of salted, bubbling water, cook the Marcozzi Egg Fettuccine for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Channel the vast majority of the water out, leaving barely enough of the Pasta water in the dish to emulsify the pesto.
  3. Mix in the Trimarchi di Villa Marchese Pistachio Pesto (amounts to taste, toning it down would be ideal).
  4. Dress with the Garlic Condiment Extra-virgin olive oil by Terre di Grifonetto, and add salt, pepper, and parmesan cheddar to taste. Blend well.
  5. Serve and top with simply a drop or two of the Saba by Pontevecchio for a connoisseur contact.

Tuffoli with Fileted Tomatoes

  1. In an enormous pot of salted, bubbling water, cook the Pasta Mancini Tuffoli for 9-10 minutes.
  2. While the Tuffoli is cooking, warm the Terre di Grifonetto Garlic EVOO Condiment in a container.
  3. Add the depleted Spaccatelle tomatoes (remember the basil) to the garlic oil, blending, so it coats them.
  4. Cook the tomatoes on medium-high hotness, separating them into more modest pieces and blending in with the EVOO.
  5. When the Pasta is almost done, channel everything except a tad bit of the water (enough to cover the lower part of the work) and join with the tomato and garlic oil. Blend well while cooking the Pasta utilizing the excess dampness in the container until you have decent, clammy, and tasty pureed tomatoes daintily covering the pasta.
  6. Add salt and pepper and parmesan cheddar to taste; blend well.
  7. Top with new ground parmesan cheddar and perhaps some peperoncino. Appreciate.

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