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Super Smalls is an Oprah-approved jewelry and accessories brand that celebrates kids. The Super Smalls DIY Kits are a hit among families due to their playful design. Since the women-owned business was featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things 2021, they’ve reached many more customers.

Super Smalls was a beautiful idea created by Maria Duenas on a rainy day in New York City. Super Smalls talks about being inspired by modern-day jewelry on the website about us page. Through fine jewelry, the team tested a variety of similar variations that would attract young children. Each gem featured on Super Smalls is durable and can last intense playtimes.

Super Smalls DIY Bead kit

Who’s The Founder of Super Smalls?

Women entrepreneur and mom Maria Duenas Jacobs founded Super Smalls. CEO Maria has a background in magazines and decided to pursue Super Smalls. Maria’s love for artisan objects led to her appreciation of mom and kid relationships. Her three daughters influence Jacobs into becoming more creative. Maria also talks about how her children serve as a focus group sometimes! Learn more about Super Smalls CEO and background here.

Super Smalls Jewelry

Super Smalls Jewelry for kids is available in several retailers, including Nordstrom. Their cute accessories make you want to collect all of the items! From necklaces to bracelets, Super Smalls even sells mega jewelry sets. These popular jewelry sets are fun for young girls, and you’ll quickly be amazed at the large selection. Below are a few items for sale right now!

  • Rainbow Rave Bracelet Set
  • House Party Pearl Mega Set
  • Emerald Ball Mega Set
  • Power Lunch Ring Set
  • BFF Twin Stars Necklace Set
Super Smalls House Party Pearl
Super Smalls Emerald Ball
Super Smalls Ring Set box
Super Smalls Rainbow Rave Bracelets

Super Smalls Shoes

The Opening Night Play Shoes by Super Smalls are constantly being talked about on social media. These women-owned kid shoes are a viral sensation on apps like TikTok. These shoes are durable, stylish, and designed for play. Opening Night Shoes features a blue heel with a cute black bow, and the kids’ shoe tops it off with a pink jewel flower that all children love! Check out more details here.

Super Smalls Sunglasses

Gear up for the sunny outdoors with Super Smalls Sunglasses. The sun-protected sunglasses are appropriate for the pool or the park. Of course, Super Smalls designed these children’s glasses with fashion in mind. The most popular sunglasses featured in the Super Smalls catalog are Endless Summer Colorblock Sunglasses & Drive-In Movie Sunglasses. Show off your kid’s eyewear with these cute Super Smalls Sunglasses, available on their accessories page

Super Smalls Hair Accessories

Take your kids’ hair to the next level with Super Smalls accessories! Many families are buying Fiesta headbands from their online store. Jeweled to perfection, Super Smalls has even found a way to elevate hairpins. The women-owned kids’ company became so versatile that it supplied popular beanies and hairbrushes. Some of their products are listed below.

  • Cloud Watching Hair Pin Set
  • Roller Derby Headband
  • Snowball Fight Beanie
  • Mommy & Me Headband
  • Ballet Recital Gem Hair Barrettes
  • Fashion Week Headband

Super Smalls Make It Super DIY Bead Kit

Oprah Winfrey recommends you to buy Super Smalls Bead Kit! That’s right, Oprah appreciates how Super Smalls are creating experiences for young future fashion designers. Making your necklace and jewelry has always been fun at school, but now you can do it at home. Super Smalls has loads of DIY Beads kits, but their most popular is the Make It Super DIY Bead Kit.

Other Super Smalls Kits include:

  • Self Care Nail Kit
  • Everyday Royalty DIY Crown Kit
  • Sticker Books

Super Smalls Sale

Most Super Smalls products are under $40, but you can save even more money by purchasing their bundles. You may even view their super fortunes to buy the ultimate kids’ jewelry set. As far as sales, Super Smalls has always advertised their sales during the holidays, or you can find them here. There are currently sales for Super Smalls gloves, jewelry sets, and DIY kits. 

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