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The Fizz by AYR is a muscle tee shirt that shows off your arms while offering a great look. Reviewers call this women’s clothing piece sexy and comfortable. AYR’s The Fizz features a shirt pocket and is available in Kalamata Black. The tee comes in multiple sizes and is slightly oversized; that pairs well with tight jeans. The Fizz offers a flattering style and is made with 100% Pima cotton. You can find more information about this popular shirtless tee on AYR’s website. 

The Fizz is a soft tee with cut-off sleeves that shows off your arms. This AYR shirt is manufactured in Lima, Peru, at a family-owned factory. The Fizz muscle tee is created with premium Peruvian cotton that is GOTS, WRAP, and Fair Trade certified. 

AYR The Fizz sleeveless shirt color worn by model

AYR The Fizz

The Fizz is the best sleeveless T-shirt you will find in the market. This is because the cotton fabric is super soft, which is essential for women. AYR’s The Fizz has a perfect shoulder strap width and a tremendously boxy/baggy look. Explore the different colors of this sleeveless shirt in the section below. 

AYR The Fizz Color Options

AYR’s The Fizz comes in various colors, including grey and white. The women-owned brand makes several t-shirts that imitate this muscle look. You can find AYR’s The Fizz on Poshmark, ShopBop, and their official website. Rated highly among community members, this t-shirt will only cost you around $40. Social Media influencers suggest wearing The Fizz with a nice pair of jeans and a stylish belt. Rock white or grey with whatever clothing you have to catch your attention in public. Learn more about AYR’s The Fizz sizing, pictures, and more below. 

AYR The Fizz sleeveless shirt wearing with pants

AYR The Fizz Sizing

AYR’s The Fizz sizes various sizes, including XS, S, M, L, & XL. This stylish tee has an excellent fit for the natural waist. This lightweight top by AYR feels great around the hips, and many reviewers comment on the comfortability. 

AYR The Fizz Pictures

View photos of AYR’s The Fizz tee shirt here in our guide. See all the clothing details so you can know what you are purchasing. Find more pictures of AYR’s The Fizz tee by searching the brand online. All Year Round also features loads of images of their clothing on the website. 

AYR The Fizz Maintenances Tips

Preserve your AYR The Fizz shirt by following our maintenance tips. Ensure you wash this shirt with cold water and expect a tiny bit of shrinkage. AYR The Fizz is super soft, so we recommend air drying and more to maintain it. 

More AYR Shirts

Check out our reviews page if you’re interested in more AYR clothing for women. All Year Round is a women-owned brand that sells beautiful jeans and elegant loungewear. The Sno Cone is another shirt offered by AYR and has many reviews on Google. You can find out more about AYR shirts by browsing our reviews section or their official website. 

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